Oct 09

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With so many people suffering from obesity in this country, the number of diet plans and weight loss supplements on the market borders on the ridiculous. It seems that hardly a week can go by without at least one new product or plan hitting the market. With this in mind, one might wonder what it is that make the HCG diet plan any different or more effective than all of the others or why it is worth investing your money in after you have tried so many others that have failed.

Let’s start with a little of the history behind the HCG diet plan. During his time studying tropical diseases in India from 1931 to 1949, Dr. Simeons was also studying the effects of malnutrition on expectant mothers. At the same time he was conducting a study on disorders of the pituitary gland and patients suffering from obesity. This study led him the conclusion that those who suffered from a disorder of certain regulatory systems in the human body would become obese no matter how they ate.

In Dr. Simeons’ treatment of his obese patients, he found that by giving them a low dose of HCG or Hormone Chorionic Gonadotropin their body would began to utilize their extra body fat instead of their lean muscle tissues as long as they were also fed a carefully prepared calorie restricted diet. This hormone is produced by the fetus in a pregnant mother and is present in the mother’s urine.

Over time it has been found that HCG is required to regulate the hypothalamus gland which in turn is what controls our metabolism and whether or not we are fat or skinny. The problem is that when we are young our bodies have plenty of these hormones, but by the time we reach adulthood the supply is depleted. With the HCG diet plan you will be taking HCG drops as a supplement to replace what your body is missing and to force the hypothalamus to use up the fat that has been stored in your body when you reduce the amount of calories you are taking in.

The HCG diet is a three phase program; the phases are loading, maintenance and stabilization. Most people love the loading phase even though it only lasts 2 days. You start your day off with 10 HCG drops under your tongue three times each day, leaving them there for 15 minutes. You then get to gorge yourself on all of your favorite foods, eat anything and everything you want as long as you drink as much as half to a full gallon of water.

In the next phase you will be cutting your calorie intake to a very strict 500 calorie diet and the same 10 HCG drops under your tongue three times per day. You will continue to do this until you reach your weight goal. At which point you will be able to move on the third and final phase. Here you will be wrapping up your 500 calorie diet and ending your use of HCG drops. You will need to be on the drops for at least 21 days in order for them to completely reset your hypothalamus.

The maximum time frame that you will be taking the HCG drops is no more than 45 days, after which you will be able to take four week off from your 500 calorie diet and eat normally while avoiding starches and refined sugars. You can then use the diet as needed to maintain your weight. Average weight loss is going to vary from one person to another but is usually in the neighborhood of 40kg or 90 pounds. This is considered by many to be the perfect diet plan for the obese person as it is designed to restore the hypothalamus and the body’s ability to burn off the extra fat that is causing the person’s obesity. During the diet after day two you will only be taking in 500 calories, but your body will be using up 2,000 and shedding the excess weight as the HCG hormone triggers the metabolism.

If you are tired of struggling with your weight and wasting your time and money on worthless diet plans, theOfficial HCG Diet Plan by Dr. Simeons may be the answer to your dreams. This diet plan has helped thousands shed their excess weight and keep it off so that they can lead a happy, healthy life. 

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